riginally from central France, Clement Fouqueré grew up in the Polynesian atolls, rocked by the waves of Moorea before studying at the Hospitality school in « Thonon les Bains » in the French region of « Haute Savoie »…

His passion for cooking was inherited from his grandmother, who gave him an early taste for flavors and gastronomic skill and traditions.

After a 10 year experience, with some of the greatest French chefs, the latter being Eric Fréchon from Bristol ‘s restaurant in Paris, crowned in 2008 with three Michelin stars.

Clement’s desire to invest in his own company drove him to Indonesia. In July 2009, Clement came on board at the Indiana Kenanga.





“My job is about generosity. Nothing is more difficult than expressing simplicity. Choosing produce, for me, is like choosing a wave for the surfer (my second passion) ; One must respect nature, the ocean, the land, stay as natural as possible, and learn each day new ways to express themselves with creativity … Searching for uniqueness in balance, providing a moment of emotion …It is also the desire to always learn and pass on, to teach and share our experience and our wealth” – Clement Fouqueré


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